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How does Juniper Directly Contracted Accommodation work?

The registration process of each accommodation through the Juniper Directly Contracted Accommodation module consists in the introduction of the following parameters in the system:

  • General: basic information, such as the accommodation name, description, address, category, accommodation type, pictures, services, special notes, etc.
  • Room types and meal plans: configuration of the different room types (number of adults and children allowed) and available meal plans.
  • Allotments: configuration of the different types of allotment (base allotment, minimum allotment, extra allotment, secured allotment and maximum allotment).
  • Supplier contracts: creation and configuration of an unlimited number of contracts with their costs, supplements, offers, releases and restrictions.
  • Sales contracts: creation and configuration of an unlimited number of sales contracts, with the possibility to offer different prices and accommodation depending on the customer or market, with their rates (percentage-type or fixed-type mark-up) and the distribution rules required.
  • Taxes: configuration of the different taxes (VAT, GST, Tourism Tax, Municipality Tax, etc) that will affect the booking, applied to the sale price and/or cost price.
  • Cancellation policies: assignment of cancellation policies to each accommodation and management of their application rules.
Juniper Directly Contracted Accommodation
Juniper Directly Contracted Accommodation

What benefits does it provide your business?

Thanks to the Juniper Directly Contracted Accommodation module, you will be able to:

  • Register all your accommodation contracts quickly and easily.
  • Manage in a complete and flexible way all the parameters related to the Property, configuring the purchase and sale contracts, accommodations, rates, supplements, offers, pictures and characteristics of the accommodation and all the rooms.
  • Centralise all the operations from a single configuration screen.
  • You are able to create an unlimited number of contracts, adapted to every different Market, Nationality or client.
  • Control the distribution with comprehensive management of business rules.
  • Also, complementing it with the Accommodation Extranet module, you will be able to:
    1. • Connect Channel Managers to automate the loading.
      • Give the accommodation owner access to the system to configure the different parameters of the purchase contract.

  • Possibility to complement your direct contracting with offers from third parties, contracting H2H connections.